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Summary of the www.ceerwg.net training session

- Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest, 22 April 2015 -

             The training session on the new regional portal was organised on 22 April, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest, in the context of the ITU Regional Development Forum for Europe on "Broadband for Sustainable Development", held back-to-back with a CEPT Com-ITU meeting.

             The session was aimed at presenting the CEERWG members and guests the new functionalities of the most recent version of the regional portal and facilitating the upload of information on the members' country page.

             The introductory part, moderated by the ANCOM president, Marius Catalin Marinescu, was attended by representatives of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey, as well as by the website developer.

             Mr. Marinescu thanked the participants for their interest in this regional platform and encouraged the member NRAs to visit the new website and try its improved functionalities. He mentioned the relevance of the first version, developed in 2011 by Mircea Mercean from ANCOM, which attracted more than 28,000 visits from nearly 6,000 unique visitors. As well, he stressed the fact that the usefulness and the success of this online collaboration tool is given by the member's involvement and availability to upload fresh and relevant information on their own electronic communications market and regulatory developments. All the participants were warmly invited to send regulatory and market information of regional interest to be uploaded by the Secretariat, even if they may not have an account as members of the CEERWG.

             Then, the moderator gave the participants the opportunity to briefly present regulatory news in their respective countries. Adrian Bădulescu, the coordinator of ANCOM's new Laboratory for Testing Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Equipment, delivered a short presentation on the construction and technical endowment of the Romanian laboratory, as well as on its quality system implementation. The speaker showed that the laboratory involved an investment of 3.28 million EUR and includes 4 shielded rooms, an anechoic chamber, a G-TEM cell, measuring devices and last generation software from the leading manufacturers in the world, and that it will be soon accredited and ready for testing and measurement requests, including from other NRAs.

             Before leaving the floor to the training moderator, Catalin Marinescu reminded once again the participants that it is the members' involvement that is the most important for the collaborative work going on in this region for 5 years already and expressed his hope that the newly developed portal will help all CEERWG members continue and improve this collaboration through timely and effective information sharing.

             In the opening of the hands-on session, the representative of the developer, Horatiu Dumitru (Masseda Software) voiced the confidence that the generous functionalities of this platform will be used to their full extent. From ANCOM, Adrian Sava presented his colleague, Nicolae Raia, together with whom he will ensure the technical support for the content administrators.

             On behalf of the CEERWG Secretariat, Cristina Velea presented the website sections and functionalities available to registered users only, as well as the improved structure of the portal, including the interactive map and the authentication instructions. As well, the ANCOM support team published a piece of news on Romania's country page on-site, step-by-step.

             Regarding the future technical developments, the CEERWG members were addressed a few questions regarding the privacy settings of several sections, to be sent also by e-mail. As an example, the answers to a questionnaire on the 800 MHz band to be sent by e-mail will be posted either in a public or in a private section, depending on the members' preference.   

             The hands-on training was attended by representatives of Albania, R. of Moldova, Montenegro and Romania. The participants had access to laptops with broadband wireless connections and individual assistants, for technical support. They had the opportunity to edit their account and change the initial password provided by the developer, to update the NRA contact details and description, upload relevant information in their ASO, DSO, DD, Spectrum Management and National Statistics sections, and post news and calendar events on the respective country pages.

             Donald Shtrepi (AKEP, Albania) uploaded materials on the Albanian country page, found easy to ensure content administration and announced that AKEP will continue posting materials on their own. Oleg Drahnea (MTIC, Moldova) considered useful the current structure of the website and took over the account details and instructions, which he would share with the Moldovan regulator (ANRCETI), so that the content administration could be ensured for Moldova's country page. Dragana Kaluđerović and Milena Jelić (EKIP, Montenegro) browsed the regional portal, signed in and tried the new functionalities, taking over the instructions for the CEERWG contact persons in EKIP. Alina Disli (ANCOM, Romania) used this opportunity to find out more about how the content administration procedure works.

             The CEERWG members who did not attend the training session will be sent detailed instructions and the initial authentication info by e-mail.

             So far, the information transfer from the old website and updates were performed by the Secretariat, who can always assist registered members or post news for non-registered users. Unless otherwise indicated, the Secretariat will continue posting regional news from the member countries, as available.