4th CEERWG Meeting

May 26-27, 2014, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Bucharest

- First session -

Monday, 26 May

Welcome coffee, fingerfood



Members of CEERWG and guests

Proposed items for the agenda

  • Results of the consultations conducted since the previous meeting

  • Discuss and decide upon the list of topics of interest for the region

  • Issues related to the portal/website

  • Review of the Working Methods (WoM)

  • AOB


Dr. Nicolae OACĂ, independent consultant, Romania




Tuesday, 27 May

ANCOM International Conference

- Knowledge is Power:

Information Tools for Telecom Consumers -


4th CEERWG Meeting

- Second Session -



Houlin ZHAO, Deputy Secretary-General, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Members of CEERWG

CEE RWG between DDI and DDII

Presentations on DDII delivered by:

Mr. Nikolai VASSILIEV, Head of the Fixed and Mobile Services Division, Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU

Dr. Georg SERENTSCHY, Senior Director, Arthur D. Little, Austria

Group discussion on prospects for the second Digital Dividend:

  • current allocation

  • whether release is envisaged, and if so for what services

  • effectiveness of the coordination agreement model

  • other cross-border coordination tools?


Cătălin MARINESCU, President of ANCOM, Romania


Cooperation is key to development. And development is best achieved when global and regional views come together, for the benefit of markets and end-users.

ITU Deputy Secretary-General will share with the Group members and guests the views of and latest activities in the ITU, while the representatives of the countries in the region will have the opportunity to present their priorities and current issues of interest related to the telecom market. This meeting is aimed at providing a level field for discussing topical issues such as broadband connectivity, accessibility, efficient use of scarce resources, or future major ITU events.

In the vein of international and regional cooperation, the participants will have the occasion to approach a topic of major interest for the region and beyond - the challenges and opportunities of the second Digital Dividend – as presented by specialists with extensive experience in the field: a prominent representative of ITU's Radiocommunication Bureau and a senior member of a reputed consultancy in Central Europe.

Note: The agenda is constantly updated and may be subject to further changes.

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