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EE Regional Working Group Meeting:

ancom​Sharing Experience in Spectrum Auctioning

9 May 2013, Grand Continental Hotel, Bucharest

Registration, coffee



Welcome Speech

Cătălin MARINESCU, President of ANCOM


First session

The Romanian Spectrum Auction – I

The first Romanian Spectrum Auction - Bogdan IANA, Director, Executive Division for Radio Spectrum and Numbering Management, ANCOM

  • context

  • planning the Romanian spectrum auction

  • auction type, steps, documents, etc.

Spectrum Packaging – Ingrid GEORGESCU, Head of Unit, Land Mobile Service, ANCOM

  • bands offered, frequency blocks

  • spectrum packaging and spectrum caps

  • coverage obligations and technical conditions

Thinking ahead - Iosif POPA, Counsellor to the President, ANCOM

  • stimulating efficient market outcomes

  • risk management through reserve prices

  • arbitration between legitimate objectives

Moderator: Bogdan IANA, Director, Executive Division for Radio Spectrum and Numbering Management, ANCOM


Q & A


Following the Romanian spectrum auction held by ANCOM, five operators have won 485 MHz in the 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands for providing broadband mobile communications. Quite atypical, prepared on a rather short time and relying on ANCOM's own specialists, the Romanian auction was the first to award spectrum for 4G communications in the Central and Eastern Europe, while preserving competition, including by stating MVNOs hosting or national roaming. For the users, the auction will bring better coverage, access to the new national broadband networks, higher data transfer speeds, more and better services provided at competitive prices, in the context of a healthy competition environment.


Coffee break


Second session

The Romanian Spectrum Auction – II

Legal Aspects in Spectrum Auctioning – Călin ZVANCEA-COZAN, Head of unit, Licences and Radio Frequency Regulations, ANCOM

  • overall approach to the Terms of Reference

  • specific issues

IT issues - Cătălin MITRESCU, Expert, IT Department, ANCOM

  • aspects regarding the electronic support system

An overview on spectrum auctioning - Dr. Nicolae OACĂ

  • examples considered and lessons learned

  • planning and organising a spectrum auction

Wrap-up speech:

Joaquin Restrepo, Head of the Outreach and Publication Services Division, Radiocommunication Bureau (BR), ITU

Moderator: Dr. Nicolae OACĂ



Q & A



The legal perspective on the Terms of Reference, as well as aspects that needed special attention from the legal point of view, and issues regarding the functionalities of the electronic support system will be presented by the very specialists that handled them during the auction. Finally, the experience gained with the Romanian spectrum auction and the lessons learned from other western European and world spectrum auctions are presented as an introduction in spectrum auctioning, helpful for those intending to plan a spectrum auction.


Lunch break


Third session – round table


Sharing Experience in our region

Keynote presentation:

Spectrum Auctions for Mobile Broadband - A Multifaceted Approach: Joaquin Restrepo, Head of the Outreach and Publication Services Division, Radiocommunication Bureau (BR), ITU

Digital dividend – the Croatian approach: Ivančica Sakal, M.Sc., Department Manager Radiocommunications, HAKOM


All the Group Members


  • ASO and DSO (latest developments)

  • Digital Dividend band - plans on awarding and usage

  • regional coordination in new bands 800 and 2600 MHz

  • international roaming in the region

  • group management issues

Moderator: Dr. Nicolae OACĂ


Q & A


This session is dedicated to sharing experience on spectrum auctioning and reviewing the status of the Digital Dividend awarding and usage in our region, as well as to discussing various further issues of regional cooperation. This session will offer every country in the region the opportunity to present its status and progress on the topics under debate and to launch and tackle any new topics of regional interest. Group management issues could also be considered.



Cătălin MARINESCU, President of ANCOM, Romania



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