Republic of Macedonia

Agency for Electronic Communications

Kay Dimitar Vlahov 21, 1000 Skopje,
Republic of Macedonia

Tel:+ 389 2 200 3289   +389 2 203 3289
Fax:+ 389 2 3224 611


The Agency for Electronic Communications is established with the Law on Electronic Communications ("Official Gazette no. 13/2005, 14/2007, 55/2007, 98/2008 and no. 83/2010) in 2005 as an independent regulatory body in the electronic communications markets.

For the purpose of regulating the electronic communications market in a systematic manner, the Agency has tightly defined objectives to be achieved. The Agency has directions to achieve the goals of a competitive market in which the conditions would be created for end users to use electronic communications services with best quality and prices. Of course, to follow such practices, the Agency has a clear strategy for market development that should be achieved as well as a defined path that should be followed in a short and medium term.

Aso Process

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AEK participated in the 17th International Conference organized by ITU and EKIP

Skopje, 04 October 2019 - Representatives of AEK participated in the 17th International Conference organized by ITU and the Montenegrin Regulatory Authority EKIP, entitled Future Regulation on...

Agreements on technical cooperation signed by heads of regional NRAs

Belgrade, 01 October 2019 - During a two-day international conference of electronic communications regulators titled "Future regulation for a global connectivity" taking place in Budva,...

Multilateral Technical Agreement in the Balkans

Skopje, 30 September 2019 – The Technical Agreement on border coordination of Mobile/Fixed communications networks (MFCN) between the national frequency management authorities of Bosnia and...