THE BEGINNING OF DIGITAL ERA: Analog Television Today Officially Becomes History!

 Zagreb, June 24, 2015 - The transition period within which all European countries and Africa as well as a number of Asian countries should move from the analogue to digital broadcasting officially ends on June 17, 2015. This deadline was laid down in the final Agreement of the Regional Radio communication Conference 2006, where the international frequency plan for digital television was adopted .The countries which have not fully completed the transition continue to operate, but without the possibility of protecting the analogue transmitters and signal coverage.
The Republic of Croatia has successfully completed the transition to digital TV signals transmission and switched off the analogue television as the 14th country in the world and the first one in the region in October 2010
Digital TV technology compared to the analogue television offers wider possibilities in the production, transmission and distribution of television signals enabling easier storage of multimedia content and other data.
By switching-over to digital TV a part of the radio frequency spectrum popularly called a" digital dividend" has been released. As in economics, a digital dividend is a part of the profit paid out or in this case released for the provision of a number of new services. "Digital Dividend" therefore comprises additional television programs and television programs of high quality image (HD), and a part of the radio frequency spectrum is completely free and can be used for mobile networks communications and wireless broadband Internet access. This part of the spectrum of the "digital dividend" is suitable for ensuring the coverage with significantly lower investments in the network therefore it is attractive for the mobile communications operators. In 2012 and 2013 HAKOM issued licenses for the radio frequency spectrum usage, the first "digital dividend", providing a direct income for the State Budget in the amount of over 612 million HRK, and the additional 432 million will be collected from the annual charges until the expiration of the licences in 2020 all amounting to the total amount of over one billion HRK. In addition to the financial resources the State collects on the bases of licenses issued and from the conversion of the spectrum is expected to increase the investments in the broadband infrastructure in mobile communications networks.
Digital television has brought better TV signal quality, better and more consistent image and wider choice of additional television channel and new services to the Croatian citizens such as digital teletext, interactive services, electronic channel programme (EPG) and high quality image HD. Read more, on HAKOM's website, here.

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