The 700 MHz band will be awarded for mobile communications in Austria

Vienna, 7 August 2015 - The digitization of broadcasting will make available another frequency band for mobile communications in the next few years. The frequency range between 694-790 MHz is currently still reserved for use by the radio, but in the future it will help strengthening the broadband penetration in Austria. The Austrian relevant ministry announced that the so-called 700 MHz frequency band will be available for mobile phones from 2020.

This measure has been taken with a view to provide certainty in the operator's business planning. For other applications that are affected by these changes, measures were established already. So, starting from 2020, wireless microphones can also use the duplex gap in the 700 MHz frequency band and the guard bands in the entire UHF range. Read more, in German, on the BMVIT website, here.

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