The 5G auction will be organised in 2019

Bucharest, 19 July 2018 - ANCOM has debated and adopted, in a Consultative Council session together with the industry, the national action plan and schedule for the allotment of the 470-790 MHz frequency band as well as the associated regulatory options, in the form of a National Roadmap for the Allotment and Future Use of the 470-790 MHz band. "In the consultation on the 700 MHz band, we actually agreed on the schedule for making available the radio spectrum needed to implement 5G technology in Romania. We will complete the whole documentation of this auction, including reserve prices, by July 2019 and we will finalise the spectrum auction no later than December 2019," said Sorin Grindeanu, president of ANCOM. Read more on ANCOM's website, here.

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