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The Communications Regulatory Agency (the Agency) was founded on March 2nd of 2001 by merging the two existing regulatory authorities: the Independent Media Commission (IMC) and the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (TRA). The Agency is a convergent regulator, reflecting the merging of technologies in the telecommunications and broadcasting.

The Communications Regulatory Agency is an independent institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina operating at the national level by applying the Law on Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accordance with the general principles of objectivity, transparency, and nondiscrimination, and is fully independent in its decision-making.

In accordance with the Law on Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the responsibilities of the Communications Regulatory Agency are: the creation and promotion of rules in the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors, the licensing of operators in the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors, the planning, management and allocation of the frequency spectrum, the implementation of technical and other standards relating to quality, and the establishment and maintenance of the license fee system.

The Law on Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina defines the mandate and the responsibilities of the Communications Regulatory Agency. It gives the Communications Regulatory Agency the authority to regulate the convergent market of broadcasting and telecommunications and to manage the radio frequency spectrum.

Round Table "Digitalization - What happens after 17 June 2015.?"

Sarajevo, 28 November 2014   
BiH's Communications Regulatory Agency (Agency) today organized a roundtable on the topic "Digitization - what after 17/06/2015?".
Today's meeting is another in a series of activities organized by the Agency in recent years warning of the importance of conducting the process of digitizing TV broadcasting in BiH. The attendees were presented today and the possible negative consequences that will BiH and its citizens will face if it does not comply with the deadline for the final transition to digital broadcasting to 17.06.2015.

Read the whole news, in local language, on CRA's website.

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