Q3 2016 trends in the electronic communications market in the R. of Moldova

 Chișinău, 9 December 2016 - In nine months of 2016, the market for Internet access at fixed locations continued its growing trend both by number of subscribers and by revenues from these services. The statistical data, aggregated by the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), show that in this timeframe the number of fixed Internet access subscribers increased by over 14,2 thousand (+2,6%) up to a total of 548,5 thousand, while the revenues on this market went up, compared to the same timeframe of 2015, by 44,4 mil. lei (+5,7%) reaching 823,7 mil. lei. The statistical data also show that the IP TV segment continued to grow, while the cable TV segment – to reduce.

In the timeframe July - September 2016, the total revenue from electronic communications services (mobile telephony, mobile broadband, fixed telephony, fixed Internet, broadcasting and retransmission of audiovisual programs, other electronic communications activities) decreased, compared to the third quarter of 2015, by 3,5% and were estimated at 1 billion 722,1 million lei. Read more on these developments on ANRCETI's website, here, here and here.

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