Public Consultation on the Implementation of Terrestrial Digital Radio Broadcasting in Romania

 Bucharest, 18 January 2016 - ANCOM is launching a public consultation on awarding terrestrial digital radio broadcasting multiplexes (T-DAB) in the 216-230MHz band. Similarly to digital television broadcasting, sound broadcasting in the Digital Audio Broadcasting – DAB standard offers superior sound quality and enables more efficient spectrum usage, by transmitting more programmes using a smaller amount of radio spectrum. In Romania, 2 T-DAB layers are planned in the spectrum range currently used by analogue television channels 11 and 12 (216-230 MHz band), enabling the transmission of 12 radio programmes.

The Authority set up a questionnaire addressed to all the providers potentially interested in acquiring the rights of use of these multiplexes, with questions about their opinion on the manner and terms for awarding these frequencies, as well as about the intentions of the existing market players or of potential new entrants regarding their participation in a future competitive selection procedure for awarding the available spectrum.

Thus, the interested persons are invited to express their opinion on the frequency bands that should be auctioned out, on the number and type of multiplexes (2 national multiplexes/1 national multiplex and several regional multiplexes or exclusively regional multiplexes) or on the service coverage obligations to be imposed on the winners (geographic coverage/demographic coverage/a combination of the above or no obligations).  Read more, on ANCOM's website, here...

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