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Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries – ensures preconditions for a fair market competition, stable growth and environment for innovations in the electronic communications and postal services market. HAKOM protects users' interests and the possibility of choice among various communications and postal services at affordable prices, defines sustainable competitive conditions for operators and service providers under fair conditions for return on investment, and provides support to economic growth, public services and the quality of life in the Republic of Croatia by using modern technologies. HAKOM' strategic goals are: to promote regulation of the electronic communications and postal services market, to support growth of investments and innovations in the electronic communications and postal services market, to provide efficient use of limited resources, to accelerate the growth of broadband products and services, to provide affordable offers of communications and postal services, to provide protection and informing of users, to build an efficient and comprehensive information system, to define and implement efficient processes, and to acquire multi-disciplinary competencies in market regulation.

New portable control and measuring station at HAKOM

Zagreb, 4 December 2014
The Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) has put into trial operation the second portable control and measuring station. The portable control and measuring station is the second remotely controlled measuring station in the Republic used for monitoring and control of the RF spectrum. After the putting into operation of the first portable station in the coastal area of Istria in 2013, this is the second control and measuring station of that kind currently located in the area of South Dalmatia. It enables quality measuring of radio frequency signals in the area of South Adriatic.

Following the introduction of this station into HAKOM's the control and measuring system, coverage and efficiency of the entire measuring system of the Republic of Croatia improved, including its quality and possibilities for protection of the RF spectrum, a limited public good of national interest. This station will be able to continuously monitor all changes in the RF spectrum and more easily identify Italian broadcasters in the South Adriatic operating on international uncoordinated frequencies and interfering with the reception of Croatian radio and television programmes.

In addition to protecting radio frequencies for radio and television, the measuring station also measures all frequencies used by emergency services and rescue services, and it also ensures protection of all users of the radiofrequency spectrum from unauthorized or unlawful use of radio frequencies. Read more, on HAKOM's website...

Coordination meeting in Vienna

Zagreb, 14 October, 2019 – Vienna hosted an international coordination meeting of the representatives of the competent regulatory authorities of Austria (RTR), Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRA),...

AKOS at an international meeting on measuring the quality of high-speed internet services

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HAKOM: Significantly higher Investments in the Mobile Networks

Zagreb, 6 June 2019 – After the fee reduction and allocation of new 2,100 MHz and 2,600 MHz frequency bands the investments in mobile networks continued to grow. In the first quarter of...