Back 95 Mbps and 26 Mbps – the average download speeds for fixed, respectively for mobile internet in 2016

Bucharest, 16 March 2017 - In 2016, Romanian internet users enjoyed average download speeds of 95 Mbps for fixed internet and 26 Mbps for mobile internet, according to the statistics on the quality of fixed and mobile internet in Romania, updated "The news on the quality of the internet service in Romania has already gone round the world. This does not preclude the pursuit of perpetual improvement. Compared to 2015, in 2016 the average download speed actually experienced by the fixed internet users in Romania grew by approximately 78%, whereas the average mobile data download speed increased by 35%", declared Eduard Lovin, ANCOM's Regulation Executive Director.

On, ANCOM elaborates quarterly and annual statistics on the quality of the fixed and mobile internet service in Romania, among which on the average download speeds, as witnessed by each user that measured their speed through this application, itemized by operator.

Evolution of download and upload speeds

The tests performed on indicate that, in 2016, Romanian users countrywide experienced increasing average actual fixed and mobile internet download speeds, compared to 2015. Thus, the average of fixed internet data download speed reached94.95 Mbps (+78.4%, from 53.2 Mbps), while the average mobile data download speed increased from 19.2 Mbps to 25.9Mbps (+34.7%).

Moreover, the average upload speed increased as well, by 46%, from 53.9 Mbps to 78.8 Mbps for fixed services, respectively by approx. 23%, from 8.39 Mbps to 10.32 Mbps for mobile services.

How statistics are generated

Netograf.rogenerated the fixed and mobile internet statistics based on more than 182,500 tests performed by the users in 2016, which have been validated and used in the official statistics generation process. Netograf.rocan test the quality of the connection between the end-user's terminal equipment and a test server connected to the national public internet exchange points.

How to use is easy to use and offers real-time and accurate results. All you have to do is select your offer type and choose theaccess modality, - wireless or wired, for fixed internet, and indoor or outdoor for mobile internet. A test takes approximately 30 seconds, and the results obtained may be analysed and compared in the context of the statistics published on a quarterly and annual basis.

About is the application for monitoring and assessing the quality of the internet access service developed by ANCOM in order to offer the Romanian users an instrument which is independent (does not depend on the servers made available by the providers and/or their location), objective (presents the internet access service quality as experienced by the end-users, since it is measured using a single reference point for all the users of internet access services in Romania) and free of charge.  Read more, on ANCOM's website, here...

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