Moldovan operator receives new DTT multiplex

 Chișinău, 24 December 2015 – The company "Radiocomunicaţii" was issued a new licence for the use of radio frequencies/channels in the 470-694 MHz band with a view to providing nationwide DTT services, this time – for the national multiplex B. ANRCETI awarded the licence directly, for a five-year (renewable) term. The licence enables the operator to use 6 channels (8 MHz each) in the UHF band. The coverage obligations provide 65% of the R. of Moldova's territory and respectively - 95% of its population by the end of 2016, and 70%, respectively 99%, by end-2017. The licence for multiplex A was issued to the same operator, under the same conditions, on 17 June 2015. Read more, in local language, on ANRCETI's website, here…

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