HAKOM on the fifth meeting of SEDDIF

 Zagreb, 09 March 2017 - The fifth meeting of the Forum on the implementation of the digital dividend in southern Europe - SEDDIF (South European Digital Dividend Implementation Forum) is held in Athens, in the premises of the Greek Ministry of digital policy, telecommunications and information. The forum includes representatives of regulatory bodies of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey. Croatia and the Regulatory Agency for Network Industries (HAKOM) is represented by Mr. Sc. Ivancika Sakal, Head of Radiocommunications and Ph. D. Kresimir Sakic, a senior broadcasting. 

SEDDIF deals with the harmonization of frequency spectrum for broadcasting on the regional level, which will allow the use of radio frequency spectrum of the digital dividend for other services in mobile communications networks. His work will facilitate international harmonization of frequencies needed for the transition to new coding and transmission standards and the release of digital dividend spectrum to provide broadband services in mobile communications networks, based on the decision of the European Union and the European Committee for Electronic Communications. At present, negotiations are under way between the neighboring countries on the harmonization of frequencies and technical parameters of the transmitter in the future network of digital television. Read more, on HAKOM's website, here...

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