HAKOM Launches Public Auction for the Allocation of the Remaining Spectrum in the 1800 MHz Range

 Zagreb,  6 October, 2015 - At the meeting held on 6 October 2015 the Council of the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) adopted a decision to announce a public auction for the issuance of licence for the use of radio frequency spectrum for public mobile electronic communications networks within the territory of the Republic of Croatia. It is a part of the radio frequency spectrum in which in addition to the mobile communications services of the second and third generations, those from the fourth generation can develop as well, whereby the services based on high speed data transfer can be offered to the users.

The bidding procedure starts on 6 October 2015 by publication on HAKOM's web site and closes on 5 November 2015. Read more, on HAKOM's website, here...

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