HAKOM at the Working Meeting of the Group of Signatories of HCM Agreement

 ZAGREB, September 24, 2015 –In Biel a joint meeting of all Working Groups responsible for the maintenance and development of the multilateral HCM Agreement (Harmonised Calculation Method) was held among whose signatories is the Republic of Croatia as well. The Agreement lays down the rules of coordination of frequencies and radio stations between neighbouring countries, used in fixed and mobile electronic communications networks.


The meeting attended by the representatives of 16 European countries was organized by the Federal Office of Communications (BAKOM / OFCOM) the Swiss regulator in the field of electronic communications. The Working Groups responsible for coordination of private fixed and mobile services in the border area and the Working Group responsible for the technical support of the implementation of the HCM Agreement participated at the meeting as well. The issue on the content of future bilateral and multilateral agreements for frequency bands (700, 1400, 2300, 3500, 3700 MHz), which will be on public auctions by 2020 was also discussed at the meeting.

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