HAKOM at the seventh Southern European Digital Dividend Implementation Forum (SEDDIF)

 Zagreb, October 18, 2017 – The Seventh Southern European Digital Dividend Implementation Forum (SEDDIF) was held in Budapest, Hungary. The forum was attended by the representatives of the regulatory bodies of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine, along with the representatives of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Croatian Regulatory Authority  for Network Industries (HAKOM) was represented Ivančica Sakal, Head of Radiocommunications Department and Krešimir Šakić, Senior Broadcasting Planning Expert.

SEDDIF is engaged in the harmonization of spectrum for broadcasting at regional level  enabling the use of radio frequency spectrum of the second  digital dividend for the  services in mobile networks. With the completion of its work, the  international harmonization of the frequencies will be achieved that are necessary to move to the new standard of coding and broadcasting and the release of the spectrum of the other digital dividend for the provision of broadband services in mobile communications networks will be achieved, all based on the decisions of the European Union and the European Committee for Electronic Communications. Negotiations between the neighbouring countries  on frequency matching and technical parameters of transmitters in future digital television networks are almost completed and the frequency plan will be further aligned with the correspondence. The signing of the Framework Agreement at the SEDDIF group level as well as the bilateral agreements with strict channel divisions by country is expected in early December. Read more ...

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