HAKOM at a bilateral coordination meeting with Slovenia's AKOS

 Zagreb, 9 December 2016 – A bilateral meeting between representatives of the Slovenian agency for communications networks and technologies (Agencija za komunikacijska omrežja in storitve Slovenije, AKOS) and the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) concerning the use of the 146-174 MHz and 410-430 MHz bands was held in Ljubljana. Both countries are signatories of the HCM (Harmonised Calculation Method) agreement which lays down the rules for the coordination of frequencies and radio stations between neighbouring countries used in the operation of mobile and fixed electronic communications networks. The allocation of frequencies between two countries is agreed at a bilateral level.
In April of 2015 HAKOM signed the Agreement on the frequency coordination in the frequency bands between 29.7 MHz and 470 MHz with Slovenia, which also covers the 146-174 MHz band. This meeting was organized because Slovenia voiced the need for the revision of frequency registers in that band. Following an additional analysis of requests, a bilateral agreement will be signed in early 2017. Further cooperation will include the coordination of frequency registers in other frequency bands intended for private mobile networks (PRM - closed type networks - firefighters, energy supply, taxi services etc.). Furthermore, the possible signature of an agreement for the coordination of the 410-430 MHz band, which would include other neighbouring countries as well, was also discussed. The resolution of these issues will result in a clear definition of international rights of individual frequencies, which significantly facilitates further planning of private mobile networks and enables more efficient use and simpler planning of the spectrum in those frequency bands. Read the news on HAKOM's website, here.
The cooperation in the area of 5G technologies is also envisaged in the future in order to enable the use of the most advanced technologies in geographically restricted areas as soon as possible. HAKOM was represented at the meeting by the head of the Radiocommunications Committee, Mrs. Ivančica Sakal, a senior expert on microwave and satellite links, Mr. Vladimir Duković and an expert on private networks, Mr. Alen Štefanac.

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