Digital Communications - Maximization of Spectrum Usage

 Tirana, 20 March 2015 - An International working meeting (workshop) was held on the topic: "Digital Communication: Maximizing Spectrum Usage; Opportunities and Challenges", organized by the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration in cooperation with the European Commission.

The purpose of this event was gathering together experts in the field and setting out the benefits of digitization process, giving a clear view of the current stage and the difficulties that are presented during the process, to have a full understanding and to promote the acceleration of the transition to digital broadcasting. It is worth mentioning participation in the meeting of the Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama, Mr François Rancy, Director of Radiocommunicaion at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and representatives of international organizations resident in Tirana. AKEp was represented by its Chairman, Mr. Piro Xhixho, Board members, and representatives of the senior management level.

Read more, in local language, on AKEP's website, here.


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