CRA to prepare new technical standards for TV receivers

 Sarajevo, 10 March 2016 - The Communications Regulatory Agency of BiH (CRA), after the issuance of the first permit for the use of equipment purchased in the first stage of the digitization of public service broadcasting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, received a growing number of questions about the technical standards of TV receievers to receive the digital TV signal.

In this regard, in order to properly inform the end users, the Agency has reported that a definition of minimum technical standards for television sets and TV converter ( 'set-top box') is in the process of being made. The final decision on the adoption of new technical standards will be decided by the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and interested parties will be informed in detail as part of the promotional campaign that will follow the process of digitization of terrestrial TV broadcasting in BiH.

By laying down new technical standards for television sets and guidelines for their placing on the market ensures primarily the protection of the population, in order to obtain those TV recievers through which they will be able to watch programs in the digital format.

These activities are primarily aimed at a population that monitors TV programs exclusively via terrestrial broadcasting networks (antenna). The population which has access to TV signal through some of the cable networks does not have to purchase new TV sets or TV converters, because they already have converters that are supplied by their cable operator.

The agency also informs that the start of digital broadcasting in Bosnia and Herzegovina (experimental phase of broadcasting) will be carried out in the so-called DVB-T MPEG4 format in the wider area of ​​Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar, and people will still be able to keep track of all the analogue programs as before.

We expect that in the near future the Council of Ministers will make decisions on the application of the latest standards in broadcasting (DVB-T MPEG4 2 format) after which the full phase of digitization of TV signals will begin and the gradual phasing out of analog TV signals will be carried out. Read more, on CRA's website, here...

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