Coordination meeting in Vienna

 Zagreb, 14 October, 2019 – Vienna hosted an international coordination meeting of the representatives of the competent regulatory authorities of Austria (RTR), Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRA), Hungary (NMHH), Slovenia (AKOS) and Croatia (HAKOM) with its major topic for future usage and ability to revise the broadcasting in the VHF III band. In addition to frequency revision in the 174-240 MHz band, there was a talk of ongoing digital television transitions and the usage of the 700MHz band (the so-called Second Digital Dividend - DD2) for wireless broadband, which is important for the future of 5G networks and rural coverage. The coordination meeting will contribute to the harmonized usage of the radio frequency spectrum and the further development of electronic communications networks and services in the VHF III and UHF bands. Read more, on HAKOM's website, here...

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