ANRCETI Published Activity Report for 2014

Chișinău, 21 April 2015

2014 was an important year for ANRCETI, during which the regulator implemented projects of high importance and long-term implications for the electronic communications sector. The report is structured into 14 chapters describing the main activities of ANRCETI last year, its regulatory acts with a major impact on the electronic communications market, their effect and the regulator's priorities for this year.

In the foreword to the Report, ANRCETI Director, Grigore Varanita, mentioned that the main 2014 event for the regulator's team was the successful completion of the process of granting the right of use of 800, 900 and 1800 MHz spectrum for the provision of public terrestrial cell mobile communications networks and services for a 15-year period, under technological neutrality conditions. As a result of this action, mobile providers will have the spectrum they need for continuous development, users will gain access to the most recent mobile communications technologies available in the world, the state budget received 62,5 million euro (over 1 billion lei) license fees, while ANRCETI team felt the satisfaction of an important mission successfully carried out.

ANRCETI continued the implementation of number portability and started the third round of relevant market analysis, in order to establish new ex-ante regulatory measures, meant to contribute directly to the increase of competition between providers and maximize the benefits to consumers.

In 2015, ANRCETI will complete the third round of relevant market analysis, in order to remedy the competitive situation and will take measures to streamline the process of monitoring the compliance with ex-ante obligations imposed on providers with significant market power. Another priority is to ensure the fulfillment of the actions with reference to the Information Society, provided by National Action Plan for the implementation of Moldova-EU Association Agreement for the timeframe 2014 - 2016, including the issuance of regulatory acts in order to implement Emergency Service 112 and digital terrestrial television.

ANRCETI agenda for this year also provides for the fulfillment of the tasks established in the Spectrum Management Program for 2013 - 2020, in particular establishing the schedule of spectrum auctions for radio frequencies available in the frequency bands allocated for public electronic communications networks and services and organization of auctions according to schedule. Read the report, in local language, on ANRCETI's website, here...

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