ANRCETI starts work on the methodology for coverage measuring in the R. of Moldova

 Chișinău, 30 July 2015 - The National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) has initiated the development of the methodology for measuring the Moldovan territory and population coverage with radio signal of mobile electronic communications networks terrestrial act to be implemented 2016. The concept and structure of the act, the deadlines for the project were discussed at the first meeting of the working group for developing the methodology, held last week.

The working group was established to enforce the provisions of ANRCETI's Special Conditions type of license on the use of radio frequencies in the bands 800/900/1800 MHz, aimed at checking the level of coverage of the territory and population with radio signal from the mobile communication systems operated by three network and public mobile communications service providers: "Orange Moldova" SA , "Moldcell" SA and "Moldtelecom" SA. The group consists of representatives of ANRCETI, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, National Centre for Radio Frequencies and of the providers above.

According to the concept presented at the meeting, the methodology will include the key parameters features for estimating the radio signal coverage of mobile cellular technologies implemented in Moldova, the rules for making the measurements, the requirements for equipment and the settings for each technology, as well as the method for processing  the measurement results and for estimation of coverage rates. Currently, in Moldova, the following technologies are used for terrestrial mobile cellular networks: GSM, UMTS / HSPA and LTE. Read more, in local language, on ANRCETI's website, here.

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