ANCOM consults the industry on the future use of the 410 MHz and 450 MHz bands

 Bucharest, 16 June 2015 - The Romanian National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has published a questionnaire on the future use of the 411-415 MHz/421-425 MHz (the 410 MHz band) and 453-457.5 MHz/463-467.5 MHz (the 450 MHz band) frequency bands in Romania, in order to find the operators', the users' and other interested parties' opinion on the best solutions for the use of these frequencies, including on the network type, radio services and applications to be used in these bands, or the type of procedure applicable for granting the rights of use in these bands.

After processing the answers, the Authority will propose the destination for which the 410 MHz and 450 MHz bands will be used, and subsequently, according to the legal provisions, it will initiate the procedure for grating the usage rights in these bands. Previously, the usage rights for the radio spectrum in these bands had been granted to Telemobil, which held the licence for the use of the 450 MHz band until 24 March 2013, respectively to Telekom Romania Communications (former Romtelecom), which held the licence for the use of the 410 MHz band until 31 December 2014.

In the context of the availability of the radio spectrum in the 410 MHz band starting from the beginning of 2015, ANCOM now aims at analysing, in an aggregated manner, the options regarding the use of the radio spectrum in the two bands, for the purpose of identifying the most adequate services that ensure the optimum usage of the available spectrum resources, taking into account both the current demands of the electronic communications market, and the future spectrum requirements for harmonised European applications in the two frequency bands. 
In accordane with the NTFA in force, the 410 MHz and 450 MHz bands can be used for broadband cellular public networks. Moreover, according to the European regulations in force, ANCOM may propose the desgination of the 410 MHz and 450 MHz bands for broadband and narrowband digital mobile systems (PMR/PAMR), or for broadband digital radio applications for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR).
PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) systems are terrestrial mobile radio systems used by various organisations to communicate for the purpose of their own activity (in domains such as transport and public utilities distribution, constructions and public works, agriculture, public protection and emergency systems, public health). Since the user operates its own network, PMR applications are deemed private. Nevertheless, PAMR (Public Access Mobile Radio) systems are public access mobile radio systems, operated on a commercial basis by the operators that provide communications services to professional user categories or to dedicated user groups.
The questionnaire regarding the use of the 410 MHz and 450 MHz frequency bands in Romania is available, in Romanian, here. The interested persons are invited to send their aswers, by 15 July 2015, to the ANCOM headquarters (2 Delea Nouă Street, Bucharest 3), or directly to the ANCOM Registry Office. Comments may also be sent by fax to +40.372.845.402 or by e-mail to

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