AKOS' meeting of European Regulators on the future of the Digital Dividend

 Bled, Slovenia - 20 May, 2015

AKOS organised in Bled, Slovenia, a two-day meeting of European Regulators with the aim to exchange experiences achieved so far in the award of spectrum in the 800 MHz (the first digital dividend) as well as future plans in the entire UHF band and other bands designated for broadband access. On belaf of HAKOM, the meeting was also attended by mr. Sc. Ivančica Sakal, Head of Radio Communications. The meeting was attended by representatives of regulators from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the European Commission. 

The participants reviewed the various options regarding the allocation of the 700 MHz for the purposes of public protection in cases of disaster (Public Protection and Disaster Relief - PPDR), and discussed the possibilities of joint use of the network by commercial operators and the systems mentioned above. As elsewhere in Europe, this is one of the topics on which there is no consensus and given that the topic is very complex, and is to be addressed in the long term, the information exchanged at the meeting will be useful in further shaping of attitudes on these issues. Read more, in local language, on HAKOM's website, here.

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