AKEP participates in International Conference on Telecommunications (Contel)

 Graz, 15 July 2015 - AKEP attended the International Conference on Telecommunications (Contel), which is organized once in two-years, starting from 2011, in cooperation, by the Broadcasting Authority and the Telecommunications Regulator of Austria (RTT), Croatia's Regulatory Authority for Industry Networks (HAKOM), University of Zagreb and Graz University of Technology. The conference included a workshop on the regulatory challenges in the electronic communications market.


It is worth mentioning the presence in the seminar of Prof. Fatima Barros, president of Portugal's regulator (ANACOM), and Chair for 2015 of the  Board of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), which held the opening lecture of the seminar. AKEP was represented by Mr. Piro Xhixho, Chairman of the Board , who attended and spoke on the panel dedicated to the challenges of the Digital Single Market, and answered questions on the challenges that arise in this regard in markets such as Albania. Read more, on AKEP's website, here.

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