AKEP organised the 2nd edition of the Regional Regulatory Summit

 Tirana, 24 May 2016 - The Albanian Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (AKEP) organized with success the 2nd Summit of Regulators of the SE Region on the theme: "Open Internet - an engine for innovation and progress in the region ", within the 7th edition of the Forum of Albania - InfoCom Telecom.

This Summit was attended by representatives of the International Telecommunication Union - Mrs. Ilaha Rzayev, of regulatory authorities in the region and in Europe, such as:  Mr. Jack Hamande, Chairman of Belgium's BIPT, Mr. Jaromir Novak, President of the Czech Republic NRA (CTU), Mr. İhsan Kulalı, Member of the Board of Turkey's ICTA, Mr. Mario Weber, Executive Director of Croatia's HAKOM, Mr. Franc Dolenc, Director of Slovenia's AKOS, Mr. Kreshnik Gashi, Chairman of Kosovo's NRA, Mr. Sasho Dimitrijoski, Director of Macedonia's AEK, Dr. Saleta Djurovic, President of the Council of Montenegro's EKIP, Mr. Catalin Marinescu, President of Romania's ANCOM, Mr. Dejan Supun, Legal Unit Director of Serbia's RATEL. Their presentations and further information on the event are available, on AKEP's website, here...

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