AKEP Inaugurated Kruje Regional Centre and Fixed Monitoring Station

 Tirana, 09 September 2015 - AKEP inaugurated the Fixed Monitoring Station in Kruje Regional Center, a very important point to cover an area 70 km around Tirana, including airport Rinas International.

This station was built in the framework of the "Project for the establishment of a national system for monitoring the frequency spectrum", in cooperation with ITU, based on the ITU Manual (Radiomonitoring Handbook).

The new monitoring system will contain 1 Main Control Center (MCC), 2 fixed monitoring stations (RFMS) to cover an area about 70 km around Tirana for all monitoring tasks, 2 mobile monitoring stations (MMS), 1 transportable monitoring station (TMS), and 8 simple remote monitoring stations (SRFMS).

Read more, in local language, on AKEP's website, here

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