Agreements on technical cooperation signed by heads of regional NRAs

 Belgrade, 01 October 2019 - During a two-day international conference of electronic communications regulators titled "Future regulation for a global connectivity" taking place in Budva, Montenegro, directors of NRAs from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro signed Technical Agreements on border coordination for Mobile Fixed Communication Networks (MFCN), for non-GSM technologies in 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands.

The Technical Agreements were signed, on behalf of their respective NRAs, by: Dr Vladica Tintor, director of RATEL (Serbia), Predrag Kovač, director general of RAK (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sašo Dimitrijoski, director of AEK (North Macedonia) and Darko Grgurović, executive director of EKIP (Montenegro). The Agreements are publicly available at:


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